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New Mexico Bear Hunting

Rifle and Archery Hunts Available

There is a large population of bear in this area. Bears in this area have many color phases ranging from black, blond, cinnamon as well as combinations of these colors. The main methods for hunting these bears will be spotting and stalking. Bears are known to be more nocturnal as well as skittish and adding in the landscape that the hunts take place in, makes this a more difficult hunt.

The bear hunting season runs from August to November. Mid August to end of August is using any legal means. First of September to end of September bow only. End of September to mid November by any legal means.  The price for this hunt is for five days (plus license). This includes lunch's, full guide service, field preparation of the meat, skinning, caping and tax.

New Mexico keeps close limits on its bear populations. The state is separated by Bear Management Zones. These Zones close when harvests reach 90% of the total limit, 90% of the female sublimit, or when the season has ended—whichever occurs first. Before hunting each morning, hunters must verify the quota has not been met and the zone is open by calling 1-877-950-5466 (preferred method) or online at : 

An OTC Bear License may be purchased at license vendors, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish offices, online: or by telephone: 1-888-248-6866. If planning to hunt within 14 days of online or telephone purchase, hunters may be required to obtain tags at a license vendor or New Mexico Department of Game and Fish office. Bear Licenses must be purchased at least two calendar days before hunting.

The bag limit is one bear. A hunter may not take any cub younger than one-year old or any female accompanied by a cub(s). New Mexico law does not require bear meat to be taken from the field.

Give us a call if you have any questions about this or any other hunts!

Most hunts will be 1 x 1. If a hunter would like to bring a hunting companion or a non-hunting companion then a 2 x 1 is not a problem with an extra charge each day.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to book a hunt.

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